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Update an organisation user's role

Organisation users that have been assigned roles can be updated to either revoke a role or updated to reflect a change in the role they have been assigned.

Summary of steps

  1. From the Your Organisations screen, click on your organisation name (next to the PO icon).
  2. Click on the Users tab and click on the name of the user to be edited.
  3. The Edit User screen will appear.
  4. On the User Details tab: If the user has already registered to access the PCA Portal, the details retrieved on this tab will not be editable.
  5. On the Roles tab: De-select a role that had been previously selected which is to be revoked   or click on either the business partner organisation name or partner service name and click on the corresponding checkbox for the updated role to be assigned.
  6. Once complete, click on the Update Roles button.