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Family and domestic violence

Take steps to control the information in your record.

Any behaviour that's violent, threatening, controlling or intended to make you or your family feel scared and unsafe can be considered family and domestic violence. Visit the Services Australia website for information, referrals and support.  

Did you know you can change your password at any time, to make it more secure?

Important information at a glance

Access to a child’s record

Parents can access their child’s record as an authorised representative until the child turns 14. 

If either parent opted their child out of My Health Record or cancelled their child's record, another authorised representative, such as the child’s other parent, may be able to register the child for a record.

Address information

Some clinical documents may contain an address, location or contact details. It may also include your healthcare provider organisation’s address or location. 

Medicare information

Medicare claims from doctor visits, tests, medicines and immunisations are automatically added to your record. You can stop automatic uploads by accessing your record via myGov or by contacting the help line.

In some instances, both parents can have the child on their Medicare card. If Medicare information has been included in a child’s record, then both parents may be able to view all the Medicare information for their child.

Being on the same Medicare card does not entitle your partner to have access to your record. 

Register using a different name (pseudonym)

If you’re concerned about using your real name, you can use a different name to register. The first step to registering for My Health Record with a pseudonym is to apply for a Pseudonym Individual Healthcare identifier. If you do not have a pseudonym, you can apply for one through Services Australia or call 1300 361 457

If you have a pseudonym, use this form to apply for a record:

Your Pseudonym Individual Healthcare identifier isn’t linked to your Medicare information and you will not be eligible to claim services under the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) and the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS).

More privacy information

Restrict access or remove documents in your record

Restrict access or remove documents in your record

Access history

Access history

Manage healthcare provider access

Changing restricted access

Set a record access code

Restrict access to your record
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