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Agency Enterprise Agreement

The Australian Digital Health Agency (the Agency) has a workforce that operates with both Australian Public Servants (APS) and Common Law (CL) employees.

Working hours

Full-time employees work 75 hours per fortnight, within the bandwidth of 7am to 7pm, Monday to Friday. Flexible working conditions are offered in line with the Agency's Flexible Work Arrangements policy.


Comprehensive leave conditions – including annual leave, personal leave, parental leave, long service leave, purchased leave and leave without pay in special circumstances – are provided to employees. Generous mobility provisions apply and previous employment with a Commonwealth, state or local government body may be recognised for the purposes of long service leave and personal leave entitlements, subject to eligibility requirements. Studybank provisions also apply, including access to generous study leave and up to 100% financial reimbursement in some circumstances.


The Agency offers competitive salaries, that increase in line with the Government's APS wide pay outcomes. The salaries are reflected in the salary table in the Agency's Enterprise Agreement. The Agency also offers an attractive superannuation rate of 15.4% to salary.

Agency employees

The details regarding the pay and conditions for Agency staff is contained in the Agency's Enterprise Agreement 2024-2027 (PDF, 1.28 MB), which came into effect on 3 April 2024.