Electronic Prescribing Overview and Conformance Register

Electronic prescribing

An electronic version of your medical prescriptions.

The Commonwealth legislation recognises an electronic prescription as a legal form of authorising medical supply, since the 31 of October 2019. Electronic prescribing is a digital medical prescription. This is an alternative to the traditional paper prescription. Electronic prescribing is not mandatory. Patients and prescribers can choose either an electronic prescription or a paper version. Once adopted, this will have significant changes to the Australian health landscape.

Implementation of electronic prescribing

To ensure Australia is ready for electronic prescribing, implementation requires the development of regulatory and technical frameworks.

1. Regulatory framework

The Department of Health have developed the process of the electronic prescription and the changes has detailed the form of the electronic prescription and the IT requirements for clinical software. Changes have been made to the Pharmaceuticals Benefit Scheme (PBS) claim for payment system to support the new arrangements.

States and territories are working with the Commonwealth are to ensure alignment of frameworks to deliver nationally consistent electronic prescribing framework.

2. Technical framework

The Australian Digital Health Agency has developed the technical framework to support electronic prescribing. This technical framework details the requirements for clinical software to ensure alignment with the regulatory framework, adherence to privacy and security principles and maintenance of patient choice. The technical framework identifies the required clinical software changes and has been developed in consultation with the clinical software sector.