Electronic Prescribing Conformance Register

A register of conforming software providers

The below register has been created to ensure that software developers are creating software that is conformant to government legislation, and for health care providers and vendors to understand which software companies are conformant.

This register will be used for the following stakeholders:

  • Open prescription delivery services will be able to integrate into systems, this allows for vendors to connect into the operations of the electronic prescribing environment.
  • Health care providers will be able to make decisions on which electronic prescribing software they use, based on whether the software is conformant to legislation.
  • Regulators will also be able to see and understand which software is conformant and follows government legislation.

Conformant Software Register

Updated document 20 October 2020

Download: Electronic Prescribing - External Conformance Register (PDF, 195KB) of software vendors that conform to the framework.