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View and access partner service URL links

These links may direct you to a webpage or form that a partner service (who you publish to) wishes you to view or complete. PCA™ will pre-fill forms with as much information as possible.

Summary of steps to view and access Partner Service URL links:

  1. After logging into the PCA™ Portal, select an organisation, location, healthcare service or practitioner that you manage details for.
  2. Select the Partner Services tab (if necessary).  When on a Partner Service tab, you can view all partner services your healthcare service or practitioner details are currently being published to.
  3. For a listed partner service, select a link in the Partner Service Links column.
  4. Where the selected link contains a single URL, a webpage for the URL is displayed.
  5. Where the selected link contains multiple URL’s (i.e., View links wording) a pop-up is displayed listing all associated URL links. 
  6. Select a listed URL link (a webpage or form for the selected URL is displayed).