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Publish your healthcare services, practitioners and bank accounts to partner services

Publication records indicate which business partner services you have chosen to publish your service offerings to. You can choose to publish some or all your service offerings, practitioners, and linked bank accounts to each partner service. You can also choose to stop publishing your service offerings to a partner service.


  • Business partner services are services operated by your business partners (e.g. National Health Services Directory (NHSD), Telstra Health Secure Messaging).
  • You will only need to link bank accounts to your healthcare services and/or practitioners where the partner service you are publishing to has requested that they be provided.

Where you have the required access privileges, you can choose to publish from any level within your organisation. The following steps only illustrate publishing from the Participating Organisation level (the top level of your organisation structure).

Refer to the steps below, or watch the video to see how this can be done.

Summary of steps:

  1. From the Your Organisations screen, click on the organisation name (next to the PO icon).
  2. On the Partner Services tab, click on the Publish to a Partner Services button. 
  3. Select a partner service you want to publish. You may refine your search by selecting or providing additional filter criteria such as: 
    - a specific partner service name (e.g. Telstra Secure Messaging) 
    - a category (e.g. Healthcare directories, booking and review services) 
    - partner services that only service your area; or 
    - partner services that service all areas.
  4. Read and accept the “Information Use Statement” for this Partner Service.
  5. Select the healthcare service you want to publish. 
  6. Select all practitioners linked to the service that you want to publish.
  7. Optional: Select “Publish practitioners automatically to this partner service in future”.
  8. Select a bank account you want to link to a service or services.
  9. Select one or more services you want to link to the bank account.
  10. Select a bank account you want to link to practitioner or practitioners.
  11. Select one or more practitioners you want to link to the bank account.
  12. Click on the Publish button.

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