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Add or update availability during public holidays

Summary of steps to add public holidays

  • Click on Add public holidays button.
  • All national public holidays are listed by default.  Your healthcare service is also flagged as Closed by default on each listed national public holiday.
  • Select the State/s holidays applicable to the healthcare service.  Public holidays for each selected State are listed below the national public holidays.
  • Select checkbox to automatically update public holiday every year by the PCA™ system.
  • For each listed public holiday, where your service is: 
    • closed, select the Closed option; or
    • open, select the Opening hours option, and provide additional opening hour details. 
  • Where you don’t want to publish service details for a listed service, select Do not publish.
  • Click on Save button.

Update public holidays: you can edit or delete an entry by clicking on the appropriate button. 

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