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Add or update your healthcare locations

Healthcare locations may be added against a participating organisation, subsidiary organisation, or Healthcare Identifier Organisation (HI Organisation). It is preferred that you link your locations to your HI Organisations, if available, so that your business partners can easily match your HPI-O numbers with your healthcare services.

Locations are the places where your organisation provides its healthcare services. Locations can be a physical address, or they can be mobile or virtual. You should name your locations with what it is commonly known as, such as Smith Street Medical Practice.

Add or update your healthcare locations screenshot

Refer to the steps below, or watch the video to see how this can be done.

Summary of steps to add your healthcare locations

1. Log in to the PCA™ Portal.

2. Open your Participating Organisation.

3. The Participating Organisation screen is displayed.

4. If you have never added a location to your organisation before, a helper wizard will automatically display. After you have added a location, you can manually initiate the helper wizard by clicking on the Setup helper link located at the top of any organisation, location and healthcare service view screen.

5. In the helper wizard, select the Add location option.

6. Locations can be added to a participating, subsidiary or HI Organisation. It is recommended that locations be set up for HI Organisations.

7. If your Participating Organisation is linked to multiple subsidiary or HI Organisation, select an organisation where you want the location to be set up.

8. On the Add a Location screen, in the Location Details section, enter the location name where the healthcare service is being provided.

9. The 'Is this location active' checkbox is automatically ticked. De-select the checkbox if this location is not currently active.

10. In the Location Type section, select whether the location is a Physical location, Mobile unit or Virtual. If you select Mobile unit, an additional drop-down box will appear for you to search for mobile unit types.

11. In the About location features section, click in the search bar and add the location facilities that are available at this location (e.g. toilet).

12. In the Contact details section, enter the contact details for the location or copy contact information from organisation details. Select the appropriate checkboxes if email and phone are not to be provided.

13. In the Street Address section, enter the street address of the location. Note: the “Street Address” section will not appear for Mobile unit or Virtual location types.

14. In the Postal Address section, select either: same as main address, no postal address, or specify a different postal address.

15. Once complete, click on the Add Location button.

16. On the Locations tab for the organisation, the healthcare location will now be listed.

Updating healthcare location: Once you have completed adding your healthcare location, you can update healthcare location details by clicking on the Edit location button. Perform necessary healthcare location updates and once complete, click on the Save button.


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