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Import services from NHSD

If you have services recorded in the National Health Service Directory (NHSD), you can import them into Provider Connect Australia™ (PCA™). You can initiate the import services function from and organisation screen (see example below) or from a location that you offer healthcare services at.


The following section illustrates the steps for importing NHSD healthcare services into PCA™ from the Participating Organisation level (the top level of your organisation structure).

Summary of steps for importing services from NHSD

  1. From the Your Organisations screen, click on the organisation name (next to the PO icon).
  2. Click on the Import services button.
  3. Select the practice type (physical, mobile or virtual) you wish to import.
  4. If physical practice is selected: 
    1. enter suburb and postcode and click Search NHSD button; and
    2. select a practice or business name.
  5. If mobile or virtual practice is selected, enter the practice or business name then click Search by name button.
  6. Select one or more NHSD healthcare services to import into PCA™.
  7. Select the organisation you wish services to be imported against.
  8. Select either an existing PCA™ location (if available) or an NHSD location to import the service against.
  9. Click on Import now button.