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Add the National Health Services Directory (NHSD) Identifier

The National Health Services Directory (NHSD) is an initiative of all Australian Governments to provide a comprehensive and consolidated national directory of health service and provider information.

Summary of steps to add the National Health Services Directory (NHSD) Identifier:

  1. From the Your Organisations screen, click on the name of the Healthcare Service the NHSD Identifier is to be added for.
  2. On the Healthcare Service screen, next to the NHSD Identifier, a notification will appear that says, “Action Required: Add Identifier from the NHSD Service”. Click anywhere on the NHSD Identifier row to view the drop-down box.
  3. Click on the Add NHSD Identifier button.
  4. On the Add NHSD Identifier screen, provide criteria to search the NHSD website, locate the NHSD healthcare service record matching your healthcare service, and add the NHSD Identifier to your healthcare service.

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