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Log into the PCA™ Portal

Before you start:

Make sure you have completed all required tasks on the Provider Connect Australia™ Pre-Registration Checklist. Then go to the Provider Connect Australia™ Portal (also known as the PCA™ portal).

Refer to the steps below, or watch the video to see how this can be done.

Summary of steps to log in to the PCA™ Portal:

1. Go to the PCA™ Portal Home Page.

2. Click on the Login button. 

3. You will be presented with the PRODA Login screen. Login to your individual PRODA account.

4. You will be prompted to enter the 6 digits verification code, sent either via SMS or email or mobile app. Enter the code and click Next.

5. The first time you login to the PCA™ Portal, the User Profile screen will appear: Enter the details. Add your Email address and Contact number for PCA™. 

6. If you are a practitioner, you can add your HPI-I number.

7. Click the Save Profile button. You will receive a validation email with a link. Click the link to validate your email address.


8. The Your Organisations screen will be displayed. 

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