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Add or update special operating hours

Summary of steps to add special operating hours

Special operating hours are used when your hours of operation differ to your normal operating hours or public holiday hours, such as when your site is closed due to renovations or all your staff are on leave.

  • Click on Add special operating hours button.
  • Input a specific date or a date range that the special operating hours will apply to:
  • Date range is limited to a 3 month timeframe
  • For a date range, start date must be earlier than end date
  • Enter opening hours, either specific hours, open 24 hours or closed.
  • Enter a reason for special hours (optional) (e.g. closed for renovation, staff holidays).
  • Select applicable Australian time zone (where available).
  • Click on Add button.

Update special operating hours: you can edit or delete an entry by clicking on the appropriate button.

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