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Add or update your Subsidiary Organisations from ABR

Note: This step is optional. Larger and enterprise scaled organisations may have subsidiary or affiliated organisations with their own ABNs.  You can reflect this structure in Provider Connect Australia™ (PCA™) by adding subsidiary organisation which sit under your participating organisation (the top-level organisation in your organisation structure). 

Each subsidiary organisation can have its own set of Healthcare Identifier Organisations (HI Organisations), locations, healthcare services, and practitioners. 

Add or update your Subsidiary Organisations from ABR screenshot

Summary of steps for importing a subsidiary organisation:

1. Log in to the PCA™ Portal.

2. Retrieve your participating organisation. 

3. From the Sub-Organisations tab, click on the Add Subsidiary Organisation button.

4. Enter your ABN and select the Lookup ABN button. You may select a different business name (optional).

5. In the Organisation Contact Details section, enter the organisation phone number and email address.  You may also enter the organisation fax number and website here.

6. In the Organisation Location section (in the Address search field) enter your postal address and select the correct one from the list or copy it from the Participating Organisation you selected.

7. Once complete, click on the Add Organisations button.

8. Where your organisation has made the Agency a contracted service provider in the HI Service, your HI Organisations in the HI Service that have the same ABN as the subsidiary organisation you just registered will be imported into PCA™ against the subsidiary.  

9. If you have healthcare services in the National Healthcare Service Directory (NHSD) related to the imported HI Organisations, we suggest you start importing them into PCA™ so that you can easily maintain their details. Refer to section: Import services from NHSD.

Updating subsidiary organisation: Once you have completed entering and registering your subsidiary organisation, you can update subsidiary organisation details by clicking on the Edit subsidiary organisation button. Perform necessary subsidiary organisation detail updates and once complete, click on the Save button.


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