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Provider Connect Australia – release history

Release 2.3, 9 May 2023

Enhancements and improvements

  • A new setup wizard to guide healthcare provider organisations through setting up and sharing information.
  • Improved signing workflow for participation agreements:
    • the legal entity type of the registering organisation will be automatically populated from the Australian Business Register, removing the need for registering organisations to collect this information beforehand
    • participation agreements can be signed electronically
    • a second signatory isn’t needed on applicable participation agreements.
  • Ability for healthcare provider organisations to use PCA to update their organisation details in the HI Service.

Release 2.2, 16 February 2023

Enhancements and improvements

  • Migration of Vaccine Clinic Finder Connect (VCFC) clinics to PCA 
    • Allow healthcare provider organisations to migrate their vaccine clinics from VCFC to PCA 
    • Allow healthcare provider organisations to update their vaccine clinics from PCA
  • Online forms integration for business partners
    • Allow integrated business partners to use PCA to pre-fill online forms 
    • Allow integrated business partners to provide access to their online forms from the PCA portal
  • Enhancements to PCA registration process for healthcare provider organisations 
    • Improve workflow involved with signing participation agreements and uploading documents to streamline registration process 
  • Streamline the process for healthcare provider organisations to publish their details to the National Health Services Directory (NHSD)
    • Healthcare provider organisations can immediately publish to the NHSD when creating healthcare services in PCA – unless they choose not to  
  • Public holiday support  
    • Allow healthcare provider organisations to set special public holiday opening hours in PCA
  • Data export to allow bulk processing of information received by non-integrated business partners
    • Allow business partners to export information published to them as a delimited text file  
  • Improve usability of the PCA portal  
    • Update the user interface of the PCA portal to improve usability  

Release 2.1, 9 December 2022

Enhancements and improvements

  • Enhanced practitioner search function  
    • Allow healthcare provider organisations to search for practitioners by name, profession, or Ahpra number  
  • Improved accessibility of PCA portal  
    • Update user interface including menus, buttons, and links to improve accessibility  
  • Email alert for PCA notifications  
    • Enable an email notification when a new notification or task is available in the PCA portal  
  • Improvements for non-integrated business partners  
    • Allow business partners to select the types of data changes that will email notification  
    • Allow business partners to enable the display of FHIR IDs in email notifications  
    • Creation of additional email frequency options for business partners