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Photo: Immunisations view on My Health Record

What to do if information is missing

If your immunisation information is missing or seems incomplete, check your Medicare Information Settings.


Your immunisation information, including proof of vaccination and your immunisation history, is available from the Immunisations page of your record.

Find out how to access the Immunisations page.

This information comes from the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR) and clinical documents in your record.

Check out our frequently asked questions on getting proof of your vaccination.


Immunisations may be missing if your vaccination provider has not yet uploaded recent vaccinations to the Australian Immunisation Register. This can take a few days.

You may not see any immunisation details if your record settings prevent Australian Immunisation Register information from displaying in your record. See below for how to check and update this setting.


Check your settings

If the information in your Immunisations page is empty or seems incomplete, you or your authorised representative can check your settings.

How to check and change your settings

Getting started:

  1. Log into your My Health Record through myGov and select the record you want to access. 
  2. From the Profile & Settings tab, select Medicare Information Settings.
  3. Make sure Yes is selected for 'All information about immunisations recorded on the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR).'
    This lets you and your treating healthcare providers see your immunisation information.
  4. Check the other settings on this page and update if you wish.
  5. Press Save.
Screenshot: Medicare information settings in My Health Record

Check your Immunisations page (from the Documents tab). It can take a few minutes for the information to flow into your record from Australian Immunisation Register.

If an immunisation is still missing, it may not yet be on the Australian Immunisation Register. You can ask your vaccination provider to update the Australian Immunisation Register.

Understanding your immunisation information

Some information, such as overseas vaccinations, may be missing. To find out more about the information on the Immunisations page, and why some details might be missing or duplicated, see View immunisation and vaccination information help page.

Video: Using My Health Record to support your vaccinations

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