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Training and support

My Health Record

Online training

The training courses introduces My Health Record and outlines its benefits, features and functionalities.

It covers topics such as:

  • the benefits of My Health Record for healthcare providers and patients
  • the types of information that may be found in My Health Record
  • the uses of My Health Record in a range of healthcare settings
  • the privacy and security mechanisms which underpin My Health Record.

Online training

How to use My Health Record

Online training

Allied health

Online training

Community pharmacy

Online training

Diagnostic imaging

Online training

General practice

Online training


Online training


Online training


On-demand training simulations

Healthcare professionals and consumers can now simulate the use of My Health Record functionality in clinical software products and the National Consumer and Provider Portals. 

The simulations have been developed to support demonstration, training, and self-paced learning of the functionality and benefits of the My Health Record system and contains fictional patients and medical information.

To access a simulation, select one of the environments below then enter the following username and case sensitive password to log in:

Username: OnDemandTrainingUser
Password: TrainMe


General practice

Best PracticeCommunicareGenieMedical DirectorZedmed


Fred Dispense


Consumer PortalProvider PortalHospitals (HIPS UI)

The simulation environment uses the latest released versions of each Clinical Information System software.

To demonstrate the use of My health record functionality, best endeavours have been made to provide clinically validated data and scenarios that are relevant and demographically diverse for use in the software simulations.

Please note: Test patients and clinical records used in the software simulations are provided for training purposes only.

If you would prefer to attend a CPD accredited training session led by one of our instructors, please register for any of the "On Demand Training" session - click here to sign up.


The environment is available 24 hours 7 days a week. Support is provided by the Australian Digital Health Agency during business hours only (8am - 5pm (AEST/AEDT), Monday - Friday). For any assistance or enquiries that you may have with the environment, please contact us on [email protected] or phone: 1300 901 001.

Frequently asked questions

1 – Why is my software not listed?

The software simulators are regularly updated as new features become available.  

Not all clinical software is conformant to the national digital health specifications and standards. There are necessary steps required to ensure the software integrated to My Health Record is conformant. Software developers that have declared conformance are included in the agency’s Conformance Register.

If you would like to see a particular digital health feature or software product demonstration and it is not included here, please email [email protected].

2 – What My Health Record functionality can be simulated?

My Health Record functionality that can be simulated in the Clinical information systems (Best Practice, Medical Director, Zedmed and Genie)

  • View My health Record – Accessing Clinical documents and Views
  • Practice creating and uploading a Shared Health Summery document for a patient
  • Practice creating and uploading an Event Summary document for a patient
  • View My health record with Access Code restrictions in place.

Additional My Health Record functionality that can be simulated in the pharmacy system (Fred Dispense)

  • Uploading a Dispense Record to My Health Record and Consent
  • Upload an Event Summary to My Health Record containing Allergies/ Conditions
  • Adding a new patient and validating IHI to connect to My Health Record
  • Adding a new Pharmacist and retrieving /validating a HPI-I
  • Enabling Pharmacist access to the My Health Record within Fred Dispense.

My Health Record functionality that can be simulated in the Portals

Provider Portal 

  • Access to the My Health Record system without using conformant clinical software

Consumer Portal

  • Access to a child’s My Health record as an authorised representative
  • Access to clinical documents and Medicare information in the My Health record
  • Adding a personal health summary and a personal health note into the My Health Record
  • Management of advance care documents and custodian details for the My Health Record
  • Manage document access settings and provider access in the My Health Record
  • Manage notification settings and viewing the list of Who has accessed the My Health Record
  • Remove a Document from my Health Record

3 – What screen resolution do I need?

Recommended screen resolution is 1280x1024.

Some software products mandate minimum display settings. Setting below the recommended settings may impact on users' ability to access the software.

4 – Why can’t I connect?

The following are possible reasons you may not be able to connect.

  • The latest version Firefox/Chrome/Internet Explorer may not be downloaded
  • Port 8443 on the user’s network may be closed. This is used for authentication by VMware Horizon
  • Wrong username/password may have been entered
  • IP address is outside of Australia.

While the Agency will try to notify visitors to this page of any known outages or degradations, this will not always be possible. If the simulation is not performing as expected, please contact the Help Centre.

For further assistance please go to our Contact for healthcare professionals page, or call Support during business hours on 1300 901 001.

Clinical software demonstrations

Clinical software summary sheets

Below are a range of clinical software summary sheets with step-by-step instructions for interacting with My Health Record.

Education training and support

If you would like further assistance, complete the education and training request form

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