On Demand Training

Healthcare professionals can now simulate use of the digital health functionality in their software. Each software product below has been made available with the kind assistance of software vendors, who each provide their own training in this functionality – for further information on this, please contact your vendor.

This page will be regularly updated as new features and software products become available. For a list of software products available with digital health features, visit 'Who is using digital health?'.

If you would like to see a particular digital health feature or software product demonstration and it is not included here, contact the Help Centre.

Consumer Portal Simulator

The training environment also provides a simulation of the My Health Record Consumer Portal. This system simulates the look and functionality of a consumer's view of the My Health Record system for a fictitious patient, and replicates many of the functions with which consumers may interact.

To support use of the Consumer Portal Simulator, the Agency has developed some step-by-step guides on interacting with the My Health Record, including managing access and setting advance privacy controls.

Download consumer guides

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  • The username is 'OnDemandTrainingUser' and should be completed for you, however you will be required to enter a password to access the session.
  • The password is 'TrainMe'. Please note this password is case sensitive.

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The recommended screen resolution for this product is 1280 x 1024.

Please note that some software products mandate minimum display resolution settings, and a setting below the recommended setting may impact on users' ability to access the software.

Each software has been connected to live digital health simulation and testing environments. These simulation environments will occasionally experience service outages (where the simulator will not function) and service degradations (where it will have a slow response) depending on factors such as overall demand, internet speeds and whether upgrades are being made.

While the Agency will try to notify visitors to this page of any known outages or degradations, this will not always be possible. If the simulation is not performing as expected, please see our Software Demonstrations page instead, or contact the Help Centre.

Simulated patient information has also been provided specifically to demonstrate digital health functions. To demonstrate other features of the software, please contact the vendor.

Please note that unauthorised attempts to modify the simulation and testing environments through using this simulation will result in the Agency terminating your access.

Training Environment

The Agency offers scheduled training for a range of software products, including Best Practice, Communicare, Genie, Medical Director and more.

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